Feeling a cold breeze flowing through your home? Fed up with the chill of winter? Despite making sure that your property is correctly insulated, many people seem to overlook draught-proofing and air-tightness as an important aspect of keeping their property warm. Draught-proofing is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your home locks in the warmth and saves you money on your energy bills. It has the most impact if you combine it with insulation such as loft and wall insulation.

Why draught proof your home?

In its simplest terms, a draught in your home will let in all the cold air from outside, as well as letting out the warm air too. This not only can lead to a chilly home, but higher heating bills too. The best way to ensure that you reduce how much you are paying out is to plug up any gaps. There are a variety of places that these gaps, and therefore any draughts can be found. This includes windows, loft entry hatches, keyholes and floorboards. All of these seemingly small gaps can have a big impact on the temperature on your home. However, they can be easily fixed.

What are the main benefits of draught-proofing your home? 

Whilst the main benefit of battling the draft in your home is that it will instantly feel warmer, there are other benefits to consider too. These include:

  • You can save up to £55 every year in energy bills
  • It offers sound-proofing against outdoor noise
  • Stops dust and dirt from coming into your home through the gaps
  • It is relatively low cost

Draught proofing vs. ventilation

draught-proofing service One thing that is important to remember is the difference between draught-proofing and ventilating your property. As experts in both, here at Six Star Group, we can ensure that you have adequate ventilation in your property without the unnecessary gaps letting in a draught.

Rooms that require ventilation include those that have open fires and ones that are likely to attract moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In cases such as these, it’s important that these rooms still have their ventilation points, allowing the moisture a route to escape. Otherwise you will suffer from an entirely different but equally annoying problem; damp and mould.

Draught-proofing the Six Star way

At Six Star Group we are experts in providing draught-proofing services. We can make sure that your property feels warm and cosy, even when the wind is howling outside. When combined with our insulation and ventilation services, draught-proofing is an effective tool against the cold. We will make sure that we always provide you the highest quality solution to your draught problems. So, don’t suffer with the chill, get in touch with us today and see how we can help make sure that your home is cosy and warm.

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